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"Libero Bigiaretti" Library

Public Library

How to contacts us

"Libero Bigiaretti" Library
Piazza Enrico Mattei (palazzo Ottoni)
Phone. 0737-781830 - Fax: 0737-781835

Monday - Friday:
morning: 9,00 - 12,30. afternoon: 15,30 - 19,00.

The library history

The Public Library holds an old and valuable collection of printed books that come from the ancient libraries of two monasteries of Matelica closed after the Unification of Italy.

Around 1863, a large number of books, which had been acquired from some religious orders suppressed after the creation of the Kingdom of Italy, were sold and therefore today we cannot estimate how many books belonging to that period the library still includes. In 1890 a lending library was founded and located in the Town Hall.

At the beginning of the 20th century the collection of books increased thanks to the Fossa endowment that is rich in juridical volumes.

During the 50's of the 20th century, the Municipality of Matelica and the Local Education Authority converted it into a Reading Centre closed at the end of the 70's in accordance with the article 8 of the law 616/77. In 1981 the Public Library reopened to the public in the same place of the ex-Reading Centre. Before the early 1980's, it held 7200 old and obsolete books and brochures that did not meet the reading public requirements. During the 80's of the 20th century the number of the books doubled thanks to endowments of public corporations and private citizens.

Over the years users and loans have constantly increased not only for didactic texts or novels, but also for local history, or fiction and no fiction books. The library currently holds over 30.000 volumes not counting the audio-visual and multimedia collections, or other books that must be catalogued. Dedicated to the writer Libero Bigiaretti from Matelica since 1997, it is open to the visitors and student groups every day (except Saturday) from 9,00 am to 12,30 am and from 15,30 p.m. to 19,00 p.m.

On December the 12th 1998 it moved to its present location inside the recently restored Palazzo Ottoni. The new structure presents modern and wide reading rooms in addition to a well-furnished kids section