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The Municipality

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Food and Vine

Local Products

The peculiar nature of the land has always offered a suitable habitat for cattle-farming, therefore still today you can see cows of the excellent breed known as " Marchigiana" or sheep belonging to the "Fabrianese" breed grazing in fields. As regards pig farming, even if the local breed has completely disappeared, the love of tradition still remains in pig making.

Tourists should not miss the opportunity of trying salame "Lardellato" or "Ciauscolo" that is a tasty sausage can be spread on bread. They should also taste the fragrant and sweet honey "Millefiori" appreciated for the several kinds of flowers that it contains.

At restaurant you will find specialities of country tradition, such as "Vincisgrassi", "Tagliatelle della trebbiatura", which stand out among the main courses for their tastiness. You can also try other dishes such as "Coniglio in porchetta", "Pollo in patacchio" and the traditional "coratella d'agnello".

Included in Matelica's traditional products, are also those of the confectionery industry: the "Crescia fojata" that is a cake stuffed with nuts, raisins, dried figs and stewed apples; the "Frustenga" filled with a kind of must named "sapa" by the local people, or the white, crumbly and light "Ciambella di Pasqua".