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The Municipality

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Partnership with Las Rosas

The Las Rosas Coat of Arms

The Las Rosas coat of arms is by Ernesto Ponzano, an eminent expert of Las Rosas' history, who won the contest announced by the local authorities, when the population had exceeded 10.000 inhabitants. It represents the history of the city.

The green fields stand for the two estates of Las Rosas and Las Lomas.

The open book symbolizes the rural school founded in the “California” farm, the first Technical High School, the first Catholic School and the culture in general. In 1920 there were four libraries in Las Rosas.

The arm which holds the book represents our ancestors' labour.

The hill stands for Las Lomas, one of the two towns before their unification.

The horse rampant is in honour of Mr Kemmis, who was the first to breed racehorses in Las Rosas.


The Anthem of Las Rosas

The official anthem of Las Rosas was written by Leonzio Gianello, who was an eminent expert of Las Rosas' history and died some years ago.