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The Municipality

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Partnership with Las Rosas

Territory and Population

  • Las Rosas is the chief town of Belgrano and it is situated in the middle – west of the Santa Fe' province. The Las Rosas rural district consists of 71.000 hectares of rich and level lands with sweet slopes and scattered showers all the year round, which make this area one of the most fertile in all the Santa Fe' “pampas”.
  • A high percentage of the 14.000 Las Rosas inhabitants are descendants of Italian immigrants, whose they still have the willpower, a sense of hospitality and the passion for work. Over a century, thanks to these qualities, big and lucrative farms were created, which are one of the peculiar characteristics of the entire region.
  • The climate changes depending on the different months of the year: it is hot and wet in January and February, cold in June and July.
  • The most important business activity is the agriculture with the production of wheat, indian corn, soya bean and forage. Cattle breeding is widespread as well as chicken and pig farming. Also the honey production is important.
  • The main industries in Las Rosas specialize in building machine tools for the agriculture, but there are also many artisans, who work in the engineering industries, textile and woodwork sectors.
  • Amongst the Las Rosas inhabitants, there is a considerable number of artists, painters and writers, who offer their experience to the other citizens and meet them at the Culture Centre, which is placed in the former railway station.
  • The city of Las Rosas is situated in a strategic trade area, between two arterial routes which connect it with the big cities of Cordoba, Rosario and Santa Fe'.
  • The most important means of transport for people are coaches and buses. Goods are transported by rail or hauled up to the Port on the Paranà River. There is also an aerodrome used for small-size planes.
  • In Las Rosas there are four FM independent radio stations and a network that broadcast by satellite.
  • There are two big telephone service companies, which are TELECOM and TELEFONICA. The international dialling code is (0054) – 03471.
  • The mail service is owned by the public company CORREO and other private companies, which are OCA, OCASA and ANDREANI. The post code is 2520.
  • In the city there are: fifty public primary schools and two private elementary schools, three public secondary schools and two independent high schools. There also an institute for handicapped children and a school for blind people.