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The Municipality

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Artistic Heritage

The monumental fountain of Enrico Mattei Square

The unveiling celebration.

On the 2 nd June, during the commemoration of the Italian Republic foundation, the monumental fountain of Enrico Mattei Square was unveiled.

Today, after a long period of restoration work, it can satisfy the aesthetic sense of Matelica's citizens and tourists, becoming again the most important architectural element of the old town centre, as it was in the past.

After the Mayor's opening address, who thanked Matelica's citizens for their patience showed during the restoration work, and the Bishop's blessing, the white stone fountain was given back to the town. Then at the Town Hall, the Mayor and other local authorities inaugurated a photograph exhibition illustrating the history of the fountain and the different phases of the repairs.

Another important moment was the ceremony at the Council Chamber, where the Mayor presented the eighteen-year-old Matelica's citizens with the Italian flag and a copy of the Republic Constitution, inviting them to reflect upon the value of knowing and respecting the contents of the Italian Constitution.

The celebration ended in the evening with a concert of the local band “Pacifico Veschi” that took place at Enrico Mattei Square.