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The Municipality

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Naturalistic tour

Walking down the delightful pathways of Matelica countryside, or climbing Mount San Vicino, you can admire charming landscapes.
Going along a road called "Vespa", which is around the quarter of Cassette San Domenico, you get to the top of a slope and from here you will appreciate a beautiful view of Matelica. Proceeding along mountain tracks covered with oak woods, you arrive at the foot of Mount San Vicino.

Afterwards, you can go through beech woods and take a path leading to the top of the mountain where you sight the Mount Gran Sasso (southwards) and the Dalmatian coast (eastwards) in the distance. Coming back to the foot of the mountain, you can visit the ruin of the Ottoni Fortress (known as Roccaccia 661 m ).

Walking along the side of the mountain westwards, you get to Villa Macere, which is an elegant country house presents a particular structure on different levels.

Then, going on along the same track, you reach the village of Poggeto that is an old settlement still inhabited. Finally, coming downhill, you pass various villages such as Colferraio, Rastia and Colli.

You can follow another interesting itinerary, walking along the chestnut wood of Ancaiano fountain.

After going through pathways covered with turkey oaks and walking along the sources of the Fumaione River , you arrive at the foot of Mount Lavacelli . Another delightful nature trail, which you can also follow, leads to the high pastures of Mount Gemmo .

You should not miss the opportunity of walking along the Mount Canfaito pathways where beech woods offer beautiful autumn and spring sceneries.

Other characteristic sights are the Roti Abbey and the Jana Gorge. (Gola di Jana)

They can be reached passing the picturesque village of Braccano and going on along a dirt road skirting a ditch where spring water flows throughout the summer and during some winter months.

Continuing along the same road, you get to the foot of Mount Argentario .

Here you will admire small meadows laying to the edge of a ravine where you can hear your voice booming.

A few metres further on, you take a rough and steep path and 200 metres after you can see a wonderful and unique landscape.